Estate social media ideas for estate agents

36 Social Media Ideas for Estate Agents

Are you are looking for social media ideas for your estate agent? We have put together a list of social media ideas for estate agents that will help you increase your enagagement and followers, so read on and let us know which one is your favourite.

Property management is a very competitive industry that requires serious marketing effort. With so many estate agents out there, the competition in this market is more intense than ever before. 

In light of this, most agents are constantly looking for more effective ways to make sales and let their properties.

Interestingly, social media is one of the easiest ways to expose your estate agent’s properties to people who are likely to buy from you.

With technology taking over every aspect ofthe world, most industries now rely on social media to promote their productsand services.

The property industry has been slowly catching up with the trend; several estate agents are creating personality online competitive industry media. In this article, you will learn 51 social media ideas for estate agents.

Estate social media posts ideas

The status updates an estate agent posts on their social media account can either create sales opportunity or bad impression.

Knowing the right things to post on social media is the first thing every estate agent should learn as it will help them create a good online presence. 

Below are some of the social media ideas for estate agents.

1 – Invite Friends and Family to Like Your Page

The first thing an estate agent should do on social media is to invite people to like your page. After all, you need to build a good following before you start posting interesting messages on your updates.

Also if possible, connect with influencers online as they can help you make your status updates go viral. This is because they have a large number of followers across various social media platforms.

2 – Join groups

Smart and proactive estate agents always join different groups on social media. Mind you, joining that group is strategic, so ensure you promote your properties to participants at the right times,  but also make sure you are contributing to those groups and really connecting with people.

With this, you should be able to get some good leads, especially when people in the group have purchasing power.

3 – Take Photos of the Houses You Are Showing

Estate agents don’t just market properties or buildings by posting a few texts on social media. Rather, they post beautiful and breathtaking pictures of the properties they are selling.

This will definitely attract potential buyers and they are surely going to contact you regarding the property.

4 – Take Photos of the Pets in the House you are showing

Sometimes, you need to take amazing photos of the pets in the house you are promoting or advertising.

This will give people the impression that the house will be perfect to keep pets especially people that are passionate about them.

Ensure that the photos are very nice and look amazing; the quality of the image can also create a good impression.

5 – Take Photos Of Clients Inspecting The houses you are showing

It is natural for clients and other people following you on social media platforms to know your story.

However, taking photos of clients inspecting the property you are selling will give people that come across your content more confidence in you and your services.

This is will definitely give them the assurance that you are genuine and your business is real.

6 – Take Photos of the views at the houses you are showing

As a way of getting people’s attention, an estate agent can also upload photos of the various views from the house they are selling.

This is a good way of exposing hidden features in the property and showing it to people online. Doing this will help your agency attract more leads and potential buyers.

7 – Upload A Photo of a friend, family member, co-worker or your office

Generally, most people on social media will want to know more about an estate agent before doing any business with them.

ploading photos of friends, family members, co-workers and sometimes your office will make people trust you and give them a window into what your service is like.

8 – Upload a Photo of Your Staff in Action at Work

Uploading photos of your staff in action at work can also create a very good impression to your followers and potential suitors.

It indirectly sends a message that you are hardworking; this is surely a good online campaign for your estate agency.

9 – Take Photos of Your Pets If You Have Any

Creating a social media personality goes beyond creating good ads and videos online.

Little things like uploading a photo of your beautiful pet on social media can generate some good engagement and get people to share your posts.

Try to take some good pictures of your pet as the better the images you take, the more engagement they get.

10 – Upload a Photo of Your CoffeeStatuib

If you follow food blogs you have probably seen how many likes and shares their food and drinks posts get.

You can do this too as an estate agent. Take a photo of your coffee stations and if you don’t have a coffee station, take photos of food and drink in your office. Don’t just upload any picture of whatever food or drink that you find in the office, but arrange it well and post it go along with a nice and interesting post.

You can write something like “Needed this after an exhausting day in the office. A nice way to end the day”.

11 – Recommend A Local Business, Restaurant, Park etc

Another good social media idea for estate agent is making recommendations for a local business, restaurant or a park.

You can also tag those businesses and restaurants you have recommended if they are on social media.

When you do this, they are likely to retweet or share on other social media platform.

12 – Recommend One of Your Associates and Tag Them

Estate agents can also recommend others on social media and tag them in the post. If your posts get shared by others your agency will get exposed to a lager audience.

13 – Recommend a Website

Recommending a website is another great social media idea for estate agents. When you recommend a website on your social media platform, you tend to tag the owner of that website. This will help you build good relationships online with other estate agents and other businesses.

Also, as you keep tagging them on posts over time, you tend to get more people following you from their end.

14 – Recommend Checking out a New Neighborhood or Town

Whenever property related conversations pop up in any of the groups you belong to on social media, you can recommend a new neighborhood or town to the group’s participants. This will make you look knowledgeable and competent.

15 – Thank Your Staff for Something and Tag hem in a Post

As a way of keeping your status update busy, you can thank your staff for something he or she has done for the branch. When you tag them in your post if they retweet or share your post,t their friends and followers can also see your post. This is an indirect way of showing you value relationships and that will increase your post engagement while give your business more exposure.

16 – Ask for a Local Business, Vet, Mechanic or Doctor Referral

An estate agent should always look for creative ways of engaging its followers on social media.

Asking for direction or referral for a particular service will definitely make people respond to your post and this will bring you closer to your followers.

17 – Share a Tip or Trick

Sharing a tip or trick is another sure way to educate your followers on social media. It is better for the tips you are sharing to be related to real estate as this will attract people interested in the real estate business to follow more.

18 – Share an Interesting Infographics About Your Industry

As a way of entertaining your followers across different social media platforms, you can start share funny and interesting infographics.

When you are consistent about this, the engagement level of your social media channels will increase exponentially. As a rule, your infographic should be witty and fun, yet relate to the property industry.

19 – Share A Testimonial From a Previously Satisfied Client

There is nothing better than sharing a positive testimonial or reviews from a client that used your service in the past.

This is a way of creating trust and makes other people who read the review want to do business with you.

According to experts, estate agents that share clients’ reviews or testimonial on social media are likely to get more jobs.

20 – Highlight Valuable News Article

Whenever you stumble on an interesting news article that will be of great value to your followers, don’t hesitate to share it.

It helps to boost your reputation online overtime while creating an engaging relationship with your clients and other relevant stakeholders online.

21 – Share Your Blog Posts

Generally, most estate agents have websites and sometimes post nice and educative property related blog posts. Ensure your blog posts tackle everyday property related problems people face.

Blog posts like these will definitely boost engagement levels from your followers on social media.

22 – Recommend a Helpful Tool or Service

Most people’s social media channels perform below expectation due to the fact that they don’t know how to engage their followers. So, as a way of engaging your followers, you can recommend a helpful tool or service to them.

When you post useful information like this on your social media channels, you will definitely get reactions, likes, comments, and retweets.

23 – Share a Property Fun Fact

Estate agents should sometimes share a fun fact about their industry or properties they are selling to engage their followers.

Think of something creative, fun and engaging that will get your followers to respond. Example of a fun fact you can share (maybe not so factual but engaging) would be “Hey guys, I have a friend who will sell you an acre of land on the moon for £30, any takers??”.

24 – Share a Motivational Quote

Never underestimate the power of a motivational quote. Good motivational quotes will always bring you closer to your followers and improve the engagement level over time.

It may interest you to know that sharing motivational quotes is one of the easiest ways to establish good relationships online.

25 – Share a Book Your Are Reading and Ask for Suggestions on the Best Book to Read Next

You can share an interesting book someone in your office is reading with your followers online and ask for suggestions on which book to read next.

Posts like this will pull a lot of engagements from your followers and other social media users will want to follow you due to how you engage your existing followers are.

For instance, you can write a post like “Hello great minds, Sean from our office just read the 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Coven, he thinks it was really interesting. Can you guys please you recommend another great book for him to read?” The kind of comments you will receive on a post like this will give you food for thought.

26 – Share a Free Resource

You can share useful hints and resources that will be beneficial to your followers. However, it is advisable to share property related resources as that is what most of your followers will be interested in. There are several useful property related resources you can share but share a short and interesting one.

You can always create your own and post it on your website, that way you are driving traffic to your website.

27 – Share a Meme

Funny and interesting memes will always make people keep coming to your social media channels like recurring decimals.

Try to share well designed and funny memes to boost your engagement levels. As a rule, don’t share offensive memes that could land you in trouble or offend. Be very careful of the context of the meme you upload so that you don’t step on upset people.

28 – Ask Your Connections or Followers to Vote for Their Favorite Restaurant in Your Area

This is a great social media idea for estate agents; posts like these will always attract your followers’ attention. Also, the engagement level of this type of post is likely going to be high as most people love to give their opinions about their favourite places.

29 – Answer a Common Buyer Question

There are certain questions buyers always ask estate agents when they are planning to get a property. Once you take the initiative to proactively answer some of these questions, potential buyers among your followers are likely going to contact you, especially if they are satisfied with the answer you gave to them.

30 – Answer a Common Seller Question

You can also provide answers to some common questions property sellers usually ask.

Remember, the answer you provide will either make your followers see you are being competent and professional or otherwise. So make sure you do your research and provide accurate, well researched answers.

31 – Share Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior decorating ideas are great social media posts for estate agents. You can post some of the best interior decorating ideas that will be beneficial to your followers.

If you don’t have the knowledge or the experience to provide this information to your followers, find interior decorating blogs online and share something you like. Be human and tell people why you like it. Connect it to a real-life experience someone from someone in the office.

Posts like this will naturally make you followable on social media and gets you more engagements.

32 – Share Posts on Keeping Energy Bills Down

An unexplained increment in energy bills is one of the challenges most face in managing their homes. However, when you share useful tips on how to keep energy bills down, most people facing this challenge will be at your mercy.

They tend to react, post comments and sometimes share your post across other social media platform.

33 – Post Home of the week

As part of your marketing efforts across various social media platforms, ensure that you post a home of the week photo every week.

The home you are posting should be one of the properties you are selling, so try to highlight some of the best features of the house to your followers.

34 – Post Advice on How to Buy a Home

On daily basis, there are several people scavenging different social media platforms and websites, searching for tips on how to buy a home.

Therefore, you will be providing solutions to many people when you post advice on how to buy a home.

Talk about those things buyers should look out for when buying a property of their own. This will make them see you as an expert in your industry and likely to consult you for professional advice.

35 – Congratulate a Client Who Recently sold or bought a home

Social media provides a perfect opportunity for realtors to indirectly notify their followers and clients on how often they handle real estate transactions.

One of the ways of doing this is to update a post congratulating a client who recently sold or bought a home.

An example post would be “Congratulation Roberts for finally fulfilling your dream of purchasing a new home in a dream location. We are so happy to be part of the process”.

And Finally…….Share Your Dream Home and Ask Your Followers to Post Theirs

When you feel like you need to spark up a conversation with your followers online, sharing a post like this will definitely generate responses, comments, and engagement.

You can start by sharing your dream home and what it means to you.

These are some of our social media Ideas for estate agents, start applying them today as an estate agent. Social media is all about consistency and how you engage those following your accounts so don’t be boring and have fun with it.

Let us know what your favourite social media post ideas are below.

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