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Best UK Airports For Parking Are Up North


According to customers surveyed by Essential Travel, some of the best parking facilities at UK airports are to be found up north. In 2012, their customer feedback for airport car parks was analysed across a range of aspects, including transfers, interaction with staff, and service levels. The results showed northern airports including Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, Edinburgh and Liverpool were among the top performing. But what sets top performing parking services apart from the rest? And are these confined to the north of the country?

What defines good car parking at UK airports?

Best UK Airports For Parking Are Up North

When you’re off on holiday, the last thing you need is to be worrying about leaving your car. The best airport car parks offer services to reduce your stress levels, including:

  • Secure parking facilities, manned on a 24 hour basis
  • Easy online booking
  • Free round-the-clock shuttle services to and from the airport
  • Good customer service

Without good parking facilities at UK airports, the question of where to leave your vehicle would be a difficult one – either forcing you to use public transportation, opt for expensive standard car parking services, or leave your car in an unsecured area whilst away.

Which airport car parks are the best?

The Essential Travel review found that four of the top 10 in the category ‘best rated for airport parking’ were up north. Likewise, two of the top 5 ‘individual car parks’ included Liverpool and Newcastle. However, a considerable number of commended airports were also found in the south and central areas of the UK – including Bristol, Birmingham, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick and Dover Port.

The question of which is ‘best’ is entirely subjective, and based upon your personal preferences. Whilst the Essential Travel survey produces an interesting set of results, it isn’t necessarily a definitive picture of the best services around.

Finding good car parking facilities

Best UK Airports For Parking Are Up North - 2

If you’re searching for car parking at UK airports, there are certain aspects you may wish to consider to help you find the ‘best’. Whilst the Essential Travel findings can be useful for reference, you may also wish to look at:

  • Pricing – perhaps by using a comparison website
  • Parking specifics - including security, meet and greet, and proximity to the airport
  • Reviews from other customers

Although it’s safe to say that a number of northern airport parking facilities are rated highly, there are a great deal of reputable car parks to be found Bristol, Birmingham, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick and Dover Port across the whole of the UK.


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