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About 360 Rocket


The team at 360 Rocket got in touch about their website's content. They needed keyword rich copy to help them rank higher on search engines and generate more leads, Here is the copy from the About page:

Professional Website Designers

Welcome to 360 Rocket - skilled providers of outstanding web design in Edinburgh, UK. Whether you need design services. website development or digital marketing - our friendly team is ready and equipped to help you turn your vision into a powerful and functional reality.

360 Rocket has consistently delivered customer satisfaction since our launch in 2011. We have a vastly experienced and dedicated team of Graphic Designers. Web Designers. Web Developers. Project Managers. e-Marketing Experts and Systems Administrators. At every step and decision we maintain high standards by offering services based around three core characteristics:

1)Fully Comprehensive Packages

Web Design can be a tricky business. especially if you have never done it before. From website hosting to domain registration, copywriting, promotion, website development or printing - we will source and provide the perfect solution for your business at every hurdle. This all-inclusive partnership with our clients removes the stress typically associated with website design and empowers our customers with the knowledge required to make informed decisions with confidence.

Effectively, we cover all the angles - it is a 360° service.

2)Affordable Website Design

Every business deserves a fontastlc. state-of-the-art website. rt shouldn't be an exclusive club that only the select few experience. Top businesses choose 360 Rocket because we offer hlgh-quallty affordable web design. transparent pnclng. and grade-A tailored solutions to suit every budget. You won't find a VIP sectlon at 360 Rocket- Just flrst-rate services at low-rote costs.

3)Unwavering Support

Good relationships are based on strong communication. Thofs why we maintain regular contact with our clients at every step. This nurtures a collaborative process which safeguards your creative control and Influence over the project Furthermore. 360 Rocket is a dedicated and focused team. As a result our clients discuss projects with the Project Manager or Branding Expert directly - not with e-mails Via an Administrator. We are flexible. responsive and adapt quickly to meet the needs of every customer and project.

Web Design Services

Our services are spilt Into three categories:

  • Design: A strong visual identity is a prerequisite for any successful business. From logos and branding to print and dlgltol design services. we can help your business make an Instant Impact.
  • Development 360 Rocket supplles web, mobile and e-commerce development. Every business Is unique and therefore needs custom built functlonallty. We specialise ln a wide-range of programming languages. which means we con develop tailor-made products that meet the exact needs of each and every business.
  • Marketing: Sadly, the saying "If you build It they wlll come• does not apply to websites. Once completed. ground work must be performed to establish and maintain a stable stream of website traffic We offer e-mall marketing design and campaigns. search engine optlmlsatlon (or SEO) and Google Adwords management (pay-per-cllck of PPC).

When you choose 360 Rocket. you receive world-class bespoke web design, affordable pricing, delivery date guarantee and steadfast support. Most Importantly, you get peace of mind - check our portfolio and see the high level of up-to-the- minute expertise that we offer. Regardless of the size of your business or budget we work tirelessly to provide web design and development services that deliver cutting edge results.


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