Restaurant Social Media Marketing

20 things restaurants and cafes should be doing on social media

Exponential growth for your restaurant will be inevitable if the right social media marketing is conducted. Below are 20 tips on how you can use social media to market your restaurant to help beat your competitors and enable you to stay at the top of your game.

The use of photos.

Customers are likely to go to a restaurant that they have seen photos of their food online. Invest in a good quality camera and take the best angle shots. Also, ensure that the actual food presentation matches with what is posed on social media.

Exclusive offers

Appreciate your loyal customers by offering them exclusive offers that are not available to any other customer

Group deals

In your Facebook group, come up with deals that are enticing and exciting to the participants of the group. These deals may include free food for the 10th member of each group when they order together.

Host contests on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Discounts are especially used when a restaurant is first opening up. This helps to attract customers and then contests can be introduced to keep them coming.

Use specific Hashtags on Instagram to improve your visibility and reach an even wider audience.

Post the menu items

Let your audience know what you are offering in your restaurant by frequently posting and updating your menu items. Also post any special menus for special occasions such as Mother’s or Father’s days.

Add a link to your menu on Twitter

Ensure that the link to your menu is one of the very first things Twitter users will see when browsing your page. This will increase navigation ability and interaction among your prospective customers on Twitter.

Be time sensitive

Know the right time to post your content especially on Twitter. Do not post breakfast menus during lunch hour.

Consistency is key

Ensure you post regularly on your social media platforms and keep your clients on the loop always. In case something happens and you are unable to post for a long period of time, post an apology when you are back and let your customers know that they have always been on your mind.

Use customer generated content

First, encourage your customers to share the meals they take in your restaurant on their social media. Also, use photos from contests on your own social media by reposting.

Feature your employees

Appreciate your employees by posting them as they work and show the customers what goes on behind the scenes. This little spotlight is an intrinsic motivating factor to the employees.

Ask questions to engage with your audience

Make some of the captions under the photos or videos questions and reply to each of your customers’ responses. This is a great way of generating content and knowing what the customers like to help you tweak your menu.

Use videos to bring your brand to life

Use geo targeted ads

Facebook and Twitter have specifications for targeting your ads to people in a specific area. This helps you reach the audience that live in and around your area of operation.

Use trending and niche hashtags

Hashtags are a great marketing tool on Instagram and the use of popular and industry-related tags helps your restaurant be seen by more people.

Photo contest

These contests improve engagement between you, the audience, the menu items and the restaurant

Use promoted tweets to reach more people and increase visibility of the restaurant

Create specific hashtags when running contests, discounts or offers.

Create tabs on your Facebook page that redirect users to your menu and location

Post your other services such as outside catering and event hosting

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