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20 things printing companies can do on social media

Printing companies can use social media to create beneficial relationships with potential customers and thus gain control of useful leads.

Show interest in your prospects

Let them know that you are on social media for them. Post content that they will find useful and show them that you are interested in helping them with any of their printing needs.

Engage with people

Make an effort to answer as much questions and inquiries as possible. Work on building lasting relationships with your prospects.

Know your customer

Is your customer on Twitter, Instagram or answering questions on LinkedIn? Are they on YouTube or Pinterest? This will help you customise your social media posts for each of your customers.

Make sure that your content is meaningful and valuable.

When a customer asks a question, respond with links to your resources on technology, applications, quality and any digital opportunities available. Ensure that you over-deliver.

Do not sell

This should not be your first reason for joining social media. This comes as an after-effect of good communication and interaction with your customers. Work on building meaningful relationships first before presenting your sales pitch.

Focus on listening and giving help and only get your message out when the time is appropriate. Do not bombard your social media following with sales as this results in spamming.

Remember that social media is not about you.

It is about the customer. When you engage with them regularly, they will definitely come to you when in need of digital and printed marketing solutions.

Blog regularly

Do not make blogging a onetime occurrence where a new blog post goes up once every six months. Show your customers that you are up to date.

Use videos

This is one of the hottest and most influential trend on social media at the moment. Videos capture one’s attention and leave lasting impressions. So in addition to listing your products and services, add a video.

Use data-variable business card

This allows you to post your positive reviews from Facebook or LinkedIn at the back of your card. It is a simple way to get word out about your excellent printing services and draw attention to your social media.

Employ semi-automated news letters

This can be done through publishing blog posts into data-variable print newsletters. This semi-automation gives you more time to focus on building relationships with your customers.

Create instant focus groups

This may be through the Facebook groups where you can post exclusive content with your loyal fans and even host live Q&A sessions.

Create a specific hashtag for your printing company

Hashtags are a great way of getting word out and reaching people beyond your following.

Create a continuation

For every printed book or newsletter, provide added online content to it by providing social links. This makes your online audience included and not left out.

Leverage on your testimonials

People are likely to buy from you if you have testimonials and positive reviews from previous buyers. This creates a sense of trust which is good for your printing business.

Promote events

Look for a local event that you want to be a part of and create life-sised posters and hashtags that the attendees can take photos with and post them on their social media. This encourages sharing and reaching more people.

Reward influencers

Encourage people to share your content and appreciate them

Combine direct mail with social promotion.

Embed your recent social media content to your personal URL pages

Promote social media via print media and make your offline reader find you online easily.

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