Social Media For Law Firms and Solicitors

20 things law firms and solicitors should do on social media

Social media offers law firms and solicitors the opportunity to link with influencers in the industry at the same time engage with clients and prospects. Here are 20 tips for law firms to engage in for its success.

Select an ideal platform.

It is important to identify a social media platform where the targeted clients are very active.

Have social media profiles for your firm.

Basically the information must be accurately stated as well as the services you render to the public.

Ensure you share contents via the profiles created.

The content shared should be relative to your area of specialisation.

Have people support your profiles on social media.

Numbers can be known to do miracles and with many likes and engagement in posts, there is a reflection of positivity to the targeted clients.

Make use of each social media platform as it should.

For instance LinkedIn can be best for networking with your contacts as the referrers to other potential clients

Inform the clients about you.

Clients should know about the achievements made by the firm so far as well as other ways that you can be recognised by the society. Let them know about any charities you are a part of.

Interact with clients.

The main objective of social media is to make known the law firm. It entails reaching out to the potential clients and conversing with them. Create lasting and meaningful relationships through social media.

Have track of the firm’s name.

Have your eyes and ears on all social media platforms to find out what people think about the firm whether directly or indirectly. Uphold a high reputation of your name always and seek to clarify issues when there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Ascertain the general mood on comments made on your post.

Analyse the flow of information more so in internet marketing

Monitor competing law firms.

Have a view of what other law firms do and what the clients are saying about them. Find out what they are doing well and aim at outdoing them.

Have an idea of what makes your firm preferable.

Be open to talks about your area of specialisation.

Have a metric of the proximity covered by your posts.

Asses on the views, likes and shares as you monitor the name and reputation of your law firm online

Design shareable posts.

This is mostly based on the relevance of the content given. The more your content is shared, the more people it will reach.

Benchmark with other firms.

LinkedIn is the best platform to exchange career ideas.

Go beyond Google.

Firms tend to use alerts and searches on Google to find cases as well as stay up to date with the information on the societal problems.

Infer on the clients knowledge.

Firms tend to use LinkedIn and blog posts in determining who is fit for employment. You can also get content to address from your interaction with the audience.

Be ahead of societal opinions

It is a popular way of analysing and keeping track of the changing opinions.

Go for litigation on social searches.

Social media is of great value to law suits.

Establish and maintain trust with potential clients

This can be done by frequently addressing the issues that the society is facing through blog posts and articles.

Have reviews on services offered on your pages.

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