20 things hairdressers and beauticians should be doing on social media

Be relevant.

Make sure your posts augur well with your audience and they make them want to respond or give their opinion on the content you just posted. Customise each post to make them feel included and catered for.

Use lots of pictures

As a hairdresser or beautician you can post pictures ranging from the hair of your clients to their nails and even the interior and exterior of your salon.

Make your Facebook page as detailed and comprehensive as possible

Add tabs that show the locations of your salons, the services you offer, photos of your work as well as the reviews left by previous customers. Make it your mini-website.

Have Facebook contests and giveaways

There is nothing that makes people excited more than free goods. Tell your audience how they can win a free haircut, 15% savings or special offers for holidays. Such contests and giveaways encourage users to share widely on their own pages and thus reaching more people.

Have exclusive deals for your Facebook fans which they can redeem by showing their comment, like and share at your salon on their next visit. They have to prove interaction with the post to be able to redeem the prize.

Target your ads

You could be offering hair coloring and dying services and these are likely to be well received by younger people in their late teens and early twenties. You could also use geo targeting where the ads are aimed at people living in a certain area.

Use trendy Hashtags such as #HairWednesdays or #BadHairDay to reach more people

Use geographical tags such as #London when targeting people living in the specific area or #Toronto when looking to meet the needs of a wider range of people.

Post before and after pictures

How else to show your prowess as a hairdresser than to show how you transformed your client’s hair? People are more likely to engage with the post and come to your salon as they see real results.

Be fun

Once in a while, post quirky quotes about hair or beauty to break the monotony of posts on products and services.

Carry out contents that are exclusive to Instagram

Appreciate your Instagram followers by customising contests and giveaways for them alone. You could post a question and the comment that receives most likes wins a hamper.

Offer promotions and discounts

This can be done on a regular basis such as back to school offers where you can offer a 15% discount on a school cut or $10 off on a summer hairdo.

Encourage Instagram sharing

Incentivising reposting of your content or followers posting their own content with your specific Hashtag goes a long way in getting new clients and retaining the old ones. It is a form of word of mouth because people will often trust a product or service referred to them by someone they know.

Use Twitter to give as much information as possible about your salon because you can add links to your website

Hold contents that are exclusive to Twitter to appreciate your Twitter following

Be time conscious when posting

The best time to post about beauty products and services is early in the morning, in the evening and during the weekend. This is when people have time to look at their social media feed.

Offer incentives for re-tweets

Post new locations when you open to get people from the vicinity to come to your salon

Appreciate your employees by posting them on social media such as employee of the moth trend

Feature celebrities that you have done hair and make up for on your platforms to increase your following and add to credibility as a beautician.


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