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20 things estate agents should be doing on social media

The real estate industry is growing by the day and the use of social media has helped it catapult even further. Below are twenty hot tips that realtors should be doing on social media for exponential growth and success.

Be present on Facebook.

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most widely used with more than two billion users world-wide. As a realtor, you must have a Facebook page to promote your business.

Promote your listings on Twitter

Ensure that your tweets resonate with buyers and result in lead generation. You can also tweet about moving into a new house or tips on staging and upgrading a house for sale. This keeps the content fresh and diverse.

Go live at a property

The Facebook Live feature is a great way to generate leads on Facebook. It helps your viewers see the house without being there physically. It is also a feature that is highly ranked by Facebook feeds.

Use the 3600 videos and photos in virtual tours

This helps the realtor show all parts of the property and thus eliminating suspense or surprise elements when prospective buyers have a physical tour of the property.

Messenger Chatbot

There could be a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can be answered using the feature. You can automate your messenger Chatbot to answer such questions as closest listings by sip code, the house features, listings in the clients’ price range and inquiries on how to prepare a house for sale.

Use high quality pictures

Invest in quality photography. Also, post staged photos because research shows that 83% of clients will buy a house whose picture is on the internet and has furniture. It is also hard for clients to picture themselves living in an empty sterile house.

Create a Facebook group

This group will have contacts, FAQs and open listings. You can also hold live Q&A sessions. Also ensure to take part in local Facebook groups to reach more people.

Add landing pages that are specific to different social media platforms

Landing pages are the difference between a new lead and a missed opportunity since they are the first thing that an individual sees when they click on a link.

Develop Twitter Keyword searches

This Twitter feature helps realtors target clientele from a given sip code and they in turn get alerted when people search those keywords. They can then respond to those people and get leads.

Be a sponsor for a local event

This helps in creating interesting content for your followers, encourages local community engagement and shows your interest in supporting important causes. P.s.: the events do not have to be real estate related

Celebrate milestones and share them on social media

This helps you connect with your clients on a personal and emotional level. Share a closed deal or new keys and this is a great way of personalising your pages.

Create and maintain trust with clients

This can be done through frequent blog posts and articles, publishing infographics and any other important information for free. This helps prospective buyers trust your expertise.

Stay relevant after closing a deal by posting content on renovation

Create professional videos

Create tutorials and how-to videos aside from the standard walk-through videos. It establishes credibility and helps your clients envision living there.

Blog frequently

Updating your blog regularly keeps content fresh, builds a loyal readership and enhances Google search results

Encourage interactivity on your posts

Ask open-ended questions and reply to all comments under your posts

Make social sharing easy

Have the buttons for sharing content at the end of your blog posts so that your readers can share on their social media platforms and reach more people.

Add reviews and services on your landing pages

Add a Facebook cover video since it grabs more attention as compared to a cover photo

Keep track of your metrics by tracking the leads generated from each platform

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