20 Things Driving Schools Should be doing on Social Media

  1. Create your own App

Your own customized driving school app will especially appeal to the young people, most of who are learning to drive. The app will help you manage your business because it may have an online booking system, how they can pay for the lessons via PayPal or credit card, how they can book a slot. There can also be a messaging slot for you to communicate with your app users.

  1. Create a website

This is where all the comprehensive information about your driving school is. You can convey your personality and style of teaching through your website. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate.

  1. Post pictures of your learners with their certificates on your social media pages

This shows other people that you are qualified and that your results are tangible. Tag the learners on Facebook. This way, all her friends are going to see it and anyone that has not learnt how to drive can contact you for lessons.

  1. Incorporate business cards in your business cards

Create data-variable cards and at the back, place your social media handles so that anyone that receives your business cards can easily find you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Create a Facebook page

Your Facebook page is the face of your business. Add quick link tabs that redirect users to your website. The page should also contain your working hours, office number, locations and reviews.

  1. Use a video cover on your Facebook page

It could be a video of you training someone or a whiteboard explainer video. Either way, they both grab attention and can be retained longer in the memory as compared to a cover photo.

  1. Create a specific hashtag for your driving school

If your name is Rocky for instance, you can use the hashtag #DRIVEWITHROCKY on Instagram to help you  reach more people and also be memorable to those who see your posts

  1. Geo target your posts

When operating in the Boulder Colorado area, ensure you add your location tags on Facebook and Instagram to make it easier for the people in the area looking for a driving school to find you.

  1. Offer discounts to for any referrals

You can ask your current students to bring their friends and you will give them a free lesson. This is an incentive for them to bring new students and you get more clients in the end. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

  1. Use Twitter to give more information by adding links that redirect to your website.
  2. Be fun

Break the monotony of driving posts by posting a quote or joke once in a while. Memes are also a hot trend and you can use them to create humor.

  1. Optimize your website

This helps Google users to find your driving school when they search it. Also, refine your SEO for your website to show up when searched.

  1. Create Facebook groups

These are focus groups for your loyal customers. Here, you can post exclusive content and hold live Q&A sessions on all things driving.

  1. Use a lot of pictures

Post when you get a new student, when you are teaching and when a student passes their exams and gets their certificate

  1. Celebrate your students’ achievements

This will show your social media following that you are passionate about your work and your students are at the center of your operations.

  1. Target your ads

Paid ads on Facebook and Twitter can be aimed at a given demographic. Targeting your ads helps you reach the right kind of audience.

  1. Share important articles on driving and driving schools
  2. Offer as much information as possible on driving rules and traffic laws
  3. Be relevant and offer meaningful information
  4. Engage with your social media followers to form lasting relationships

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