20 things accountants should do on social media

With the technological changes in society, there is a realization that social media is a crucial tool to leading in the accounting industry as well as getting in touch with clients. Below are 20 ideal things accountant should do on social media.

  1. Craft a plan

Set objectives and goals in place and work towards achieving them in the social media platforms.

  1. Post regularly

This will enhance follow up on posts on a given topic of interest.

  1. Post relevant content.

People will give views and likes depending on the value of the content posted on social media. Moreover, ensure that your posts are original so that more people get to follow  up on your content.

  1. Post shareable content.

Nice content will bring about a boost especially if the content is relevant to the targeted clients.

  1. Entertain your audience.

Make your target audience entertained by posting pictures and videos with your image in mind professionally

  1. Identify an ideal social media platform

This will mainly depend on the aim of creating a given social media page.

  1. Keep the target audience in lime light.

Inform the audience on what you have been up to if possible post photos and videos of the accounting events organized.

  1. Interact with your audience.

Reach out to the potential clients on social media through comments and follow backs to those who follow you.

  1. Posts testimonials and reviews

Have the comments on the social media pages so that other clients can get to see the commendable work you are doing as this will enhance client trust. Show them how you helped one straighten their financials or aided in filing tax returns.

  1. Maintain a brand voice

Tell the audience about the services you offer in order to create an identity and to stand out when it comes to certain services delivery.

  1. Answer frequently asked questions.

It is necessary to get back to your audience in case they are trying to seek clarity or raise an issue of interest. Money is not one of the issues discussed at the dinner table and thus the need to give people the right answers from a professional’s point of view.

  1. Have a benchmark with other accountants.

LinkedIn is the best platform to exchange career ideas

  1. Analyze the general mood on comments made on your post.

Analyze the flow of information more so in internet marketing to know the general mood of people about you and the services you offer.

  1. Infer on the clients knowledge.

Today people use LinkedIn and blog posts in determining who is fit for employment

  1. Have a Facebook cover video on your profile.

This tends to grab attention more when compared to cover photos.

  1. Give room for feedback

This can be done through polls and short surveys.

  1. Create realistic expectations

This is based on the services being delivered to the target clients. Do not expect to bag hundreds of clients on your first post. You have to create rapport and trust first before clients can reach out to you.

  1. Form and strengthen relationships

Having a good relationship with your clients will bring about loyalty.

  1. Give value

Clients should be assured of satisfactory services from the posts and profile descriptions.

  1. Keep up with modern technology

It is an assurance of the services you render. You do not want to be the outdated accountant.

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