15 Hilarious Tweets and Social Media Posts From Brands Around The World

Social media is arguably the greatest invention after the internet. It shifts the paradigm in the advertising world to a more digital approach. Most top-notch companies around the world are using social media to promote their brands online.

However, promoting a brand on social media is a herculean task, especially when those fronting it don’t have the perfect knowledge of social media.

When it comes to building a social media presence for a brand, there are certain things that make people naturally want to follow your brand.

Of course, it is not the number of vocabulary or bookish marketing definition that makes a brand “followable” on social media. Rather it is the educative and simple contents, funny, engaging and entertaining posts that will make consumers follow a brand massively on social media.

Generally, most people around the world visit social media like Twitter, Facebook for entertainment. So, they tend to follow brands that give them educative but entertaining contents.

Let me ask, “If you were in a follower’s shoe, would you rather go for brands with boring images and contents or those that are entertaining”? Definitely, you will go for those posting interesting contents and images.

Ordinarily, the brands most people like following on social media are those that share a blend of entertaining, educative and informative contents. In fact, their posts are not formal yet entertaining, they will make you laugh and ease away your stress.

Most times, some people go to twitter just to search for funny and interesting contents some of the brands they follow share.

Gone are those days when brands mock or criticize their competitors on social media. In today’s world, brands now focus on entertaining their followers by focusing more on comic tweets and posts.

So, if you are interested in following brands that will make you laugh out your stress, check the funniest tweets and social media examples from funny brands.

The Top Funniest Tweets and Social Media Examples from Funny Brands

#1. Charmin     Twitter Page Link, Facebook Page Link

Charmin is a top notch toilet paper company with a great social media presence. Their social media posts are always comical, educative, engaging and will make you crack your ribs with laughter. Without an iota of doubt, you will have no option but to follow Charmin on Twitter and FaceBook whenever you see their stress easing posts.

Interestingly, Charmin is perfect examples of a brand whose comic posts and tweets are in line with the products it sells. Oh! You must have seen the #tweetfromthetoiletseat hashtag, their tweets are just exceptionally engaging. Some of Charmin’s most popular tweet that has trended on Twitter over time are;

That awkward moment when you use the work bathroom and the seat is warm. #shudder #tweetfromtheseat


Charmin Ultra Strong’s washcloth-like texture is great for keeping your “driveway” clean this winter.

Geplaatst door Charmin op Maandag 11 januari 2016

What To Learn From Charmin

1. You can still tweet funny things to your followers and indirectly talk about your products

2. Furthermore, a brand can entertain its followers with jokes that relate to the benefits of using their products.

#2. Taco Bell| Twitter Link,

Taco Bell is reputed for using funny and comic tweets to entertain followers throughout their social media platforms. Without an iota of doubt, their funny photos and entertaining contents will definitely leave a smile on your face. You obviously don’t need a soothsayer to know that Taco Bell is a brand to follow on social media. They sure know how to snap you out of that bad mood you are in.

You think I am hyping? See some examples of their tweets;



Family portrait.

Geplaatst door Taco Bell op Donderdag 14 januari 2016


What to Learn From Taco Bell

1. You don’t just post entertaining contents, but also provide a solution to everyday problems people face.

2. Brands can also organize contests on social media platforms to gain more followers. This is one of the things Taco Bell is doing that is attracting followers to them.

#3. Moosejaw| Twitter

Moosejaw is an outdoor retailer that entertains its audience with amazing jokes that crack their ribs. You will have no option but to follow this brand when you see some of their tweets.

 What makes Moosejaw unique on social media is the fact that their tweet looks so casual and engaging.  Some of their most popular tweets are;

Moosejaw brand is original in their social media presence and attracts more followers than most other brands due to the valuable contents they share.

What To Learn From Moosejaw

1. Brands that entertain their audience with creative tweets and contents on social media tend to attract the highest followers.

2. You don’t need to copy what other brands are posting, rather come up with your unique posts and meme. This will definitely improve your brand’s personality on social media.

#4. Innocent Drink| Twitter, Facebook

Innocent drink has been able to create a great social media presence over time. They are consistent in their tweets on twitter and most of the posts are always lovable. They seldom post about smoothies and juice, rather they post educative, creative and smart contents.

Some of their most popular tweets are;

It’s Penguin Awareness Day today, so it’s important you’re aware which animals are penguins and which animals are not…

Geplaatst door innocent op Woensdag 20 januari 2016


What to Learn From Innocent Drink Brand on Social Media

1- You don’t necessarily need to post or tweets about your brand on social media. You can tweet about other funny areas that will make your followers laugh.

2 – Staying true to your brand personality is another great way of attracting more followers.

#5. Old Spice| Twitter, Facebook

Old Spice is another brand that uses humorous and mind-blowing tweets to attract followers on social media. The brand has over 200k followers on twitter and they are professional when it comes to creating entertaining, fun, witty and interesting marketing contents. Some of their popular tweets are;


What To Learn From Old Spice

1. You can still create mind-blowing marketing tweets by being funny and entertaining your followers

2. A brand can be very brief and concise in their tweets yet create a great impact on its followers on social media.

#6. Jet Blue Airways Twitter|Facebook

Jet blue airway is a top-notch airline that travels to over 90 destinations around the world. Well, if you have ever traveled through jet blue airways you will attest to their exceptional customer service.

Interesting, your customer service experience is a tip of the iceberg compared to their rib cracking and entertaining contents on social media. They have about 2million followers on Twitter, this will prove to you how followable the brand is on social media.

Overtime Jet blue airways has been able to use funny, witty, entertaining and mind blowing marketing contents to establish a strong social media presence. Oh! Don’t tell me you aren’t following jet blue airways on twitter yet, if not, you are definitely missing some of the entertaining and stress easing posts. Below are some popular tweets form jet blue airways brand;


Let's Play Airport! Holiday Travel

Santa, Scrooge and a gingerbread man walk into an airport. #StopUsIfYouveHeardThisOne #LetsPlayAirport

Geplaatst door JetBlue op Maandag 21 december 2015

#7. Mars Curiosity (NASA)| Twitter| Facebook

NASA has been able to establish a strong social media presence with their funny, educative, entertaining and interesting tweets. They have a way of communicating strong messages using few lines of humorous tweets.

Their consistency and creativity in writing mind blowing posts is really yielding results for them. NASA currently has about 4 million followers on twitter. Some of their popular tweets are;

#8. Arena Flower| Twitter|Facebook

Arena is a UK floral shop that has a strong social media presence. Over the years, they have been able to use their funny, witty, relatable, emotional and entertaining tweets to attract followers. I must warn you, try to eat before reading any of Arena Flower’s tweet on twitter because you will crack your ribs with laughter. Check out how Arena flower are using their tweets to engage their followers.

Check here for some of their funny tweets

What To Learn From Arena Flower Twitter contents

1. A brand social media contents should be relatable and talk about everyday things that happen to its followers.

2. Once a brand can create rib cracking contents, existing followers will definitely recommend new ones.

#9. Skittles| Twitter, Facebook

Skittles is a brand that has established a strong personality and social media presence over the years. If you are bored and need a smile on your face, just search for skittles’ tweet on twitter, you will definitely laugh out your boredom.

They are very strategic in their tweets and use the blend of silly and ridiculous to come up with mind blowing contents.

Check out some of their tweets on twitter;

“Every time you eat Skittles this Halloween, a vampire high fives a werewolf.” 9:24pm Oct 24, 2013

“You may be cool, but you’ll never be a Skittles cowboy riding a Rainbow pterodactyl cool” 09:14pm Oct 18, 2013”.

#10. Oreo

Oreo is another brand that sometimes set twitter ablaze with its quirky and quick comebacks. They start interesting and silly trends relating to their products and get a reasonable number of engagements in no time.

In fact, Oreo’s trends on social media are always very addictive and you may end up forgetting your food on the gas cooker when reading their trends. Their presence cut across most social media platforms including twitter and facebook. They have about 900 followers on twitter who always look forward to seeing Oreo’s new video and posts. Some of Oreo’s social media posts are;

“What’s a cookie like you doing in a milk glass like this?” #ThingsIGetAlot

#11. DiGiorno Pizza

DiGiorno Pizza is another brand that is renowned for creating comic and entertaining tweets on twitter and other social media platforms. Sometimes in 2013, one of the brand’s tweet went viral on the internet. Check here to see their tweet that went viral on the internet for several days.

Whenever you read Digiorno Pizza’s tweet or watch their video, you will laugh uncontrollably. Below are some of their most popular tweets;

#12. A24 Twitter|Facebook

A24 is a film studio brand that uses its social media page to break its followers’ spring and crack them with laughter. Their Twitter and Facebook followers always look forward to the next post that drops smile on their face. Reading A24 posts on twitter or facebook is definitely one of the best ways to start a day.

Sometimes, A24 just tweet a contents that is not related to the service they render. The essence of this is just to make their followers smile and keep cool. Between 2012 till date, the brand already has over 1.4 million followers on twitter. Some of their social media posts are;

⚠️ WARNING: May cause you to tear up the f-cking dance floor

Geplaatst door A24 op Dinsdag 19 januari 2016

#13. Wendy’s| Twitter, Facebook

Wendy is a brand that has attracted a countless number of followers with its hilarious, simple and mindless contents. Their strategic social media management work for them perfectly and they about 3 million followers on twitter.

Their tweets on twitter and posts on other social media platforms always get people’s attention. This is why Forbes describes their contents as the best in 2013. Wendy always posts dumb things that are hilarious. Some  of Wendy’s social media contents are;

PDA is perfectly acceptable today #KissAGingerDay

Geplaatst door Wendy's op Dinsdag 12 januari 2016

#14. Zendesk Twitter, Facebook

Zendesk is one of the few B2B brand on twitter that is combining a blend of hilarious and professionalism. If you are familiar with B2B brands, you will understand that it is more about professionalism. Interestingly, Zendesk is changing the game and entertains its social media followers with funny, entertaining but professional contents. Some of Zendesk’s tweets on twitter are;

“Fill-in-the-blank Friday: two #customerservice agents walk into a bar _____.”

“Victoria Beckham would call you Supporty Spice!” Get your own personal cheerleader here: http://zdsk.co/1OMcdiO  #custserv”

“Money is green, spreadsheets are blue, if you love numbers our Dublin Accounts Payable Administer job is for you.”

#15. Netflix| Twitter, Facebook

Netflix is also a brand with a strong social media presence. The brand has over 5 million followers on twitter and still counting. Their hilarious tweets, short video clips, GIF makes them a brand everybody wants to follow on twitter. Some of their social media contents are;

What do you think about these brands? Do you have any other brand in mind that we didn’t mention, your contribution is highly welcome. Share your view in the comment box  below.

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